Why an Email workshop?

Ever feel that your inbox is costing you more time than it is saving you? That you are receiving too many emails and that tasks are slipping out of sight? Wouldn’t it be great if you could process all your daily emails more efficiently? We agree!

Email Handyman’s workshops have been developed to help you better manage emails and stay on top of the related tasks. Become more effective in using email as a communication tool by learning tips and tricks that you can apply every day as well as how to avoid typical email communication problems.

Learn how to…

  • Spend less time processing your email
  • Have a better overview of your current tasks
  • Use email more effectively as a communication and management tool
  • Increase peace of mind

It’s not difficult: thousands of people have used this course to successfully reconquer their overwhelming email. And stay on top of it.

In the following chapters we will provide simple instruction on how to better organize your email, how to make decisions that maximize email efficiency, how to retrieve emails you have filed and how to use Outlook (or any other email client) to your best advantage. It is a simple mix of time-management basics, tips and tricks and email best practices.

Ready to get started?