Archiving using Symantec Enterprise Vault

Archiving email is a big challenge for any organization. Email volume has grown 30% each year and has become so business critical that most users want to archive their old email.

With Symantec Enterprise Vault archiving is done automatically, and as a user you do no have to worry about where, when and how to archive. Most important, you don’t have to manage the size of your mailbox anymore and can simply get on with work.

So how does it work?

– The Vault archives email in a separate secure database if it is older than 3 months or if your mailbox* is 350 MB in size

– The Vault replaces the email with a link (little vault icon) that still contains the subject and To/From fields. This helps you identify the email and retract it from the other database if needed.

What’s important to understand is that you may still be able to search for emails if they are older than 3 months. But depending on wether you are online or not the search results may vary. Typically what you will find is:

– Outlook can still find email (also content in the body) if it is older than 3 months but younger than 1 year

– Outlook can still find email older than a year based on subject and or sender/recipient

– If the email is older than a year you will have to use the Vault search feature

– If you are offline you may not find the email (and can’t retrieve it either!)

– It is recommended to no longer use Personal Folder archives (*.PST files), as those emails will not be archived and could be lost (no backup) or harder to find using search.

Please refer to the Vault user manual on the Intranet for further explanation of the Vault search features.


* The size of you mailbox is made up of all your folders including your Calendar and other folder types.