BlackBerry: Emptying your Inbox and Getting Started

An emtpy Blackberry inbox relies on two things:


If you change the settings of your email on your blackberry it will help
you process them quicker

  1. To not show filed and sent items so it resembles you Inbox
    • Go to Menu* > Options > General Settings
    • Change Show FILED items to NO
    • Change Show SENT items to NO
    • Save when exiting the menu
  2. To make sure that if you delete a mail on your Blackberry that it is
    also deleted in your mailbox

    • Go to Menu > Options > Email Conciliation
    • Change the delete function to delete on both Blackberry and server
    • Save when exiting the menu
  3. To turn off new email notifications
    • Select Profiles
    • Select the active profile and click Edit
    • Select Messages
    • Change the volume to mute and turn off the LED repeat notification if you’d like
    • Save when exiting the profile


To file emails in your action folders or filed items press the i key. This will bring up your folder list and you can put the email in the
desired folder.

On a Blackberry I would be a practical about the two minute rule, a quick yes or no to a colleague is fine. But if your reply needs a couple of lines why not park it in your DO THIS WEEK for processing when back behind your computer (more like a 20 second rule).

* The Menu key typically looks like bb menu