Outlook 2007: Finding Mail

In Outlook 2007 the finding principles are very similar to Outlook 2010. The main differences are:

Having no ribbon means there also is no “attachment” button. These features are found by expanding the Query Builder (a small chevron to the right of the search box). Here you can select attachment as a criteria and select yes to filter the search results to only show email with attachments. Two extra clicks but still very handy. 

Outlook 2007 query builder

As to indexing, depending on the version of Windows and if Windows Search is installed you may be able to turn Instant Search on or off. Having Instant Search on will speed up finding emails drastically. If it is not on you will see a pane under the search box inviting you to turn it on, so this can be done in one click and will help you find mail faster from that point on.

Outlook 2007 Instant search