The Super Cool Rule: mark it as “read”

Remember the Super Cool rule? In the workshop, you may have doubted about going along with it. Perhaps now is the time to reconsider.

At the core, Speedmailing is all about distraction removal and conscious focus on the task at hand. You’re probably enjoying the reduced distraction from incoming email alerts. Yet, when you’re working on your tasks in Outlook do you still find your inbox draws attention because the unread message counter keeps increasing? Can we fix that? Yes with a tiny hack.

This is where the Super Cool Rule comes in. To only way to rule out these distractions is by ruling out unread email all together, automatically. This sounds scary to some but please be aware that in the new system we do not care about unread emails. We only care about undecided emails in our inbox. Once read, we decide and move them, so the unread indication no longer adds value.

Are you in? Here’s how to:

Since all your mailbox-based work is taking place in your action folders, you won’t be seeing any new messages arriving and can enjoy a disturbance-free mail environment. Simple, really!